If you’re looking for the perfect way to start your day while in Providence, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite spots for breakfast in the city, whether you’re in the mood for something a little upscale or have a craving for some classic diner fare.

The Classic Cafe is a diner-style cafe serving up homemade meals from scratch, including corned beef hash, gravy, grits, homefries, and hash browns. The owner, Raymond Burns, has a self-proclaimed “food always done right” obsession, but he and the entire staff also want to make sure customers have fun and make memories during their meal. They offer a hearty 10oz New York Strip Steak with two eggs, but my personal favorite is the Kiss My Hash omelet.

Bagel Gourmet has been in the breakfast biz for fifteen years and counting. They specialize in traditional, “old-school” style bagels, with fresh dough made daily, first boiled and then baked. They’re up and at ’em at 2:30am to keep their promise that they’ll never use day-old bagels. I recommend getting a bagel with lox and cream cheese!

Ellie’s is a tiny Parisian bakery, first established in 2012, with its own signature coffee blend. Their goal is to nourish the community and provide a gathering place for neighbors and visitors, in a lovingly restored historic building downtown. They offer lunch, wine, and cake as well, but I love setting a sophisticated tone for my day by getting breakfast with them. Some could say their menu is limited, but I see it as specially curated. Ellie’s Signature Breakfast Sandwich, a favorite of mine, is made with egg, Cabot cheddar, and tomato jam, and served on an English muffin.

Julians – There’s not a lot to be said about Julian’s that hasn’t already been said. Home of “the brunchy-est brunch that ever brunched a brunch,” they now (by popular demand) offer brunch all day, every day. Vegetarian + vegan friendly options abound across the menu, alongside eight varieties of egg benedicts. It’s hard to choose when they have something for every mood and also offer most of their menu in full- and half-orders to suit your hunger level, but I usually land on Lil Lyon Cakes, which is a stack of three bacon-scallion pancakes with two eggs, served with real maple syrup.

West Side Diner is another traditional American diner rich with history, located on Westminster. Super nostalgia-friendly, the aesthetics inside and out are unmatched, but their menu is also top tier if you’re looking to satisfy some classic cravings. Their Crab Cake Benedict is my go-to, which comes with two poached eggs, two Maryland style crab cakes, topped with hollandaise sauce.

Brickway on Wickenden calls itself a local place where it’s never too late for breakfast, which is exactly what I want to hear when I slept in too late on my day off and now I have less time to do nothing. I am obsessed with their Lemon Blueberry French Toast, so that’s my #1 recommendation.

Bonus Round: I genuinely can’t choose, so I have to recommend both Knead and PVDonuts, in case you came to this list hoping for something sweet and handheld to start your day. They’re both wildly creative and delicious – grab a couple from each and run your own taste test!